The physiotherapy is open from Monday to Friday in our house in the morning between 08.00 and 11.30 o'clock otherwise only with agreed appointment.
Forms of therapy used by us are:
Physiotherapie | Kur- und Ferienhotel Jakob in Füssen im Allgäu


Carbonic acid bath € 30
Hay flower bath € 30
Rosemary bath € 30,-
Aroma oil bath € 30,-
Whey cream bath € 30,-
Relaxing bath € 30,-
Moor mud full bath € 41,-

Balm for body and mind. The right massage practiced by an expert can work wonders

Moor mud bath € 41,-
Large massage € 30,-
Bindegewebsmassage € 30,-
Aromamassage € 30,-
Full body massage € 40,-
Physiotherapy € 30
Chirogymnastik € 30,-

This gentle light massage technique stimulates lymphatic circulation and decongests, drains, strengthens the defense system, the organism and relaxes the body. Ear candling is an ancient gentle natural method of the Hopi Indians. The small flame of a thin-walled wax tube with propolis leads to mild heating, pressure equalization and hygienic cleansing. Many head sinus and ear problems simply dissolve. Pressure regulation for headaches and migraines.

Partial lymphatic drainage € 30,-
Large lymphatic drainage € 40,-
Ear candling treatment with facial lymphatic drainage, €48,-
Ear candling treatment without facial lymphatic drainage, €21,-

Chirogymnastik nach Laabs € 30,-
Physiotherapy € 30
Hay flower packs € 14,-
Lehmwickel € 14,-
Electrotherapy € 10,-
Kneipp’sche Güsse € 10,-
Inhalation Emsal Salz € 15,-
( 15 - 20 min ) Airway nose / mouth

Relaxation for body, mind and soul

Our sauna

Our Finnish sauna is available upon request during the period mentioned below.

The opening time for the sauna is from 16.00 to 19.30.
The price is 10,00 € with sauna use ( 1,5 h duration)

After that, the sauna is closed.

We ask for your understanding

Thank you

Our arrangements

Cross-fitted instead of cross-lame
  • 7 nights with breakfast buffet
  • 3x hay bag, 3x massage, 3x Kneipp shower

  • ab € 547,-
    Let your spirit dance
    This is a real benefit for your joints and muscles.
  • 7 nights with breakfast buffet
  • 3x relaxing baths, 3x massage, 3x Kneipp shower

  • ab € 595,-
    Moor - you healthy
    This is a real benefit for your joints and muscles.
  • 7 nights with breakfast buffet
  • 3x peat mud bath, 3x clay wrap, 3x massage

  • ab € 640,-
    Pampering weekend
  • 2 nights with breakfast buffet
  • 1x relaxing bath, 1x massage

  • ab € 170,-

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